• madelinevalentineillustration:

    A peek at GEORGE IN THE DARK.  

    Out this November from Knopf.

    My friend Madeline Valentine just released a new kid’s book for us to read !!!!! Yes us, the kids :))))

    So it’s called “George in the dark” and it’s simply a great piece if work!!!


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  • german-expressionists:

    Frantisek Kupka, The Beginning of Life, 1900

    One of my favorite Marcel Duchamp inspiration,
    Frantisek Kupka Aquatint and watercolor.

    I’ve seen it at Centre George Pompidou last week.

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  • Versus my shrimp :)

  • Shrimp!

    bu Kuzu ton

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  • I’m back to etching 4 years later I’m happy to start a new project and to be able to work again in such a cute Parisian Atelier, with very nice people from all over the world.

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  • Kew gardens, July 2014-flickerman (Tumblr)

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  • Etching on plexiglass with additional watercolor. First trial.:) #northvenice #abbotkinney

  • moma:

    [Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954). Palmette (Feuille violet sur fond orange). 1947. Gouache on paper, cut and pasted. 28 x 21” (71.1 x 53.3 cm). Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Marron, New York. © 2014 Succession H. Matisse, Paris / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

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  • WOMAN magazine -illustration for TWIN City about my sister and I and our favorite places in Paris

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  • Details

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